Welcome to The Festival of Gaming

The FOG is a six-month event that is created to celebrate everything gaming and you - the gamer! Get involved in tournaments, events, streams, prizes, rewards and more.

Events This May

Throughout the six month festival, we are launching hundreds of gaming activities and events, each crafted to celebrate everything we hold dear about gaming. Events will be revealed in weekly blocks. Be sure to check in each day and see what awaits behind the windows below!

Story So Far

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$GMR Tournaments
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May Metrics

Key Features

With the Festival of Gaming, we are going BIG! Not content with a single tournament, nor a handful of influencer lead events, we have put a package together that sets the bar.

Six-Month Gaming Schedule
$300,000 in Giveaways!
Multiplayer Tournaments
All Levels Welcome
Live Streams and Regular Roundups
Individual Events
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